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National Frozen Yogurt Day

Feb 3, 2016


National Frozen Yogurt Day is this Saturday and goji's Frozen Yogurt is encouraging locals to celebrate.

“National FroYo day is a day to celebrate making better choices for you and your health,” says co-founder and president Janette Zacharias. "We focus on providing a quality, no-nonsense product. Our slogan is ‘Keeping it real’ for exactly that reason.”

goji's was born and bred in Moncton, New Brunswick and continue to operate their head office out of Riverview. They now have 13 locations across Canada, 10 of which are in Atlantic Canada including Amherst and Stellarton.

“We think goji’s appeals to people for all sorts of reasons. The brand was created right here in New Brunswick, and we cater to everyone from the easy-to-please guest to those with dietary restrictions or allergies,” explains Zacharias.

Every goji’s location has a mix of dairy-free, no-sugar-added, and gluten-free options for people. Most recently, they’ve started promoting their frozen yogurt with added whey protein.

“We are constantly striving to provide yogurts that are no fat or low fat, have up to 6 live and active cultures and are free of artificial colours, artificial flavours, high fructose corn syrup and GMO’s.”

About goji’s Frozen Yogurt

goji's Franchising Corp is Canada’s leader in healthy frozen yogurt. goji’s keeps it real by serving pure, delicious, probiotic-rich yogurt with alternatives for any dietary needs.

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